Story – Sea Gypsy

In the echoes of time, a band of gypsies roam.


They sing songs of wandering, bursting with love, longing and passion. They sing of rolling seas, tattered sails and sun-bleached sands. They spin tales of feasting alongside golden-haired maidens and swashbuckling buccaneers with sparkling eyes. They frolic under cerulean skies of twinkling lights, shining and dancing as a gypsy moon sails serenely into the heavens above.

The gypsies hail from a land of dreams and innocence, joy and pleasures. They imbibe the colours of rice paddies, luxuriate in the smells of spices and incense, and come to life with the pattering of rain and the tinkling of bells. The gypsies float on the breeze, keeping their wandering spirit alive by remembering from whence they came.

Sea Gypsy inspires you to remember the joy of playfulness, to tune into the sounds of laughter echoing through your soul. Rediscover the freedom of your inner gypsy and reclaim the magic that has always been yours.

We invite you to float away on a bejewelled caravan to far-flung destinations where the gypsy fire is still burning. Bedazzle your soul with soft, sultry fabrics and richly crafted garments. Free your inhibitions and find yourself renewed by the spirit of the Sea Gypsy.

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