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Sea Gypsy Luxe Pre-Orders are now open!

Have your velvet, your way!
Now taking orders for the new Sea Gypsy Luxe collection.


I'm off to Vietnam on a velvet mission, to work on my new Sea Gypsy Luxe Collection. The Velvet range in particular has been so popular, but due to the luxurious and decadent nature of the fabric, it was always an exclusive limited run and I was unable to offer all styles in all colours. It is the most gorgeous, best quality in the world silk velvet, and it's utterly utterly divine.

This time I am determined to get you ladies exactly what you want! So I am taking pre-orders for Sea Gypsy Luxe Velvet starting from today.

All of the styles are available in all sizes from XS to XXL, but please remember when ordering that these sizes do run small. I wear a size Large in all of these pieces. Best to go up one size form your usual to be safe.

Although everything is currently sold out, I have left the collection up on the website so you can browse all of the items and really get a feel for the pieces before ordering.

I am delighted to be able to expand to offer the full range of shades available in the most gorgeous Vietnamese Silk Velvet. You'll see the full colour chart further down the page.

I will be doing a restock of my very favourite shades but to be sure to get what you want, you need to pre-order. So for example, I won't be stocking any black this time around but if you would like to place an order I can have it made for you - and yes, you can order black. It's the only colour not on the chart as I don't have a sample, but you can order it if you really want to... take a look at what will be available below and click on the links to view full descriptions on the product pages. Remember, everything is sold out now and I will be doing a restock, but if you want a particular size of colour then you need to pre-order.

Sea-gypsy-luxe-velvet-opera-coat  sea-gypsy-luxe-velvet-duster

Sea Gypsy Luxe Velvet Opera Coat $350 and Sea Gypsy Luxe Velvet Duster $250

Sea Gypsy Luxe Velvet Kimono Jacket $195

Sea-Gypsy_luxe_velvet_jacket  sea_gypsy_luxe_velvet_jacket_with_tie

Sea Gypsy Luxe Velvet Jacket $195 and Sea Gypsy Luxe Velvet Jacket with tie $195

Sea_Gypsy_Luxe_Velvet_Lounge_Pants  Sea_Gypsy_Luxe_Velvet_High_Waisted_Lounge_Pants

Sea Gypsy Luxe Velvet Lounge Pants $180 and Sea Gypsy Luxe Velvet High Waisted Lounge Pants $180

There are a fabulous 25 shades to choose from, take a look at the colour chart below and please get in touch with any questions. This really is the most stunning velvet in the world. Not like the crushed velvet you get in the shops. It's full name is French Frosted Velvet and it is made from the most sumptuous silk. When you touch it you will really be able to feel the amazing quality - which is what makes these pieces truly Luxe.

How to make a Pre-Order

To make a pre-order you need to send a message to Sea Gypsy on Facebook, or email me at info@sea-gypsy.com.au and include the following info:

Product Name
Size & Colour
Your Name, Address & Email Address

You will be invoiced within the next couple of weeks for a 50% deposit and your lovely custom velvet creation will be shipped to you in 3-5 weeks.
Ok, better run - I've got a plane to catch!!
Daniela xx
March 20, 2018 by Daniela Brunelli