For the love of Italian romance – Sea Gypsy

For the love of Italian romance

Daniela Brunelli Sea Gypsy Italy women's fashionHello my beautiful sisters... so good to see you again.

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been. Though I have been back in Thailand for over a week now, my heart still remains in Italy, where I just spent the last three weeks.

For me it was an emotional time as my family originates from Italy and I grew up with all their stories, feeling as much a part of Italian culture as I did Australian. I had not been to Italy in many years and it was touching to feel such a sense of home, despite the passage of so much time.

It was also the first time I was to meet my darling Mambo's family and see the places he loves and where he grew up. Yes, there were tears... What a delight to be surrounded by such, warm and incredibly open-hearted people. (Though it's a pity about the five kilograms of extra weight I'm bringing home, thanks to all the beautiful meals they prepared for us – not to mention all the pizza, pasta, gelato and wine that I couldn't seem to resist while out and about!)

I often describe Italy as like a Disneyland for adults, with all the intoxicating sensations that abound there. There is such beauty in the ancient architecture where ghosts of centuries past still linger. Not to mention the colourful bundles of flowers hanging out of balconies, noisy lunch time trattorias, incredibly sexy guys and gals on cruising by on chic little Vespas, and outrageously charming waiters that leave you grinning from ear to ear... I fell in love with Italy over and over again, every single day.

The most touching was going home to Verona, where my father was born and where I spent many childhood summers. I have only one auntie left there, who is 90 and still so full of life, truly wise and loving even beyond her numerous years. Showing Mambo my father's town was a delight, and the memories of my late father kept flooding back, bringing brought tears to my eyes. This enchanted ancient city inspired Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet, and I can see why. It is truly the city of lovers, unbelievably clean and endearingly small, with bridges and castles and stunning little boutiques and romantic cafes dotting the landscape.

My days were spent smiling as I passed lovers kissing in doorways and holding hand in lovely little parks, locals buying bread and calling out to each other across crowded piazzas, children singing songs and bursting with the joy of youth, divinely elegant ladies with their equally pampered pooches.

The whole experience left me longing for the old-school European glamour that we so often forget about in modern-day Melbourne. All throughout my trip, I found stolen moments to jot down little notes of inspiration, sketch out designs, and collect colourful trinkets and photos to use as the basis of our new Sea Gypsy range. I'm so excited to bring a touch of Italian romance into your wardrobe in our next collection. It's going to be divine and I can't wait to see what you think.

And so, with a smile on my face, a delightfully full belly, a head spinning with fashion inspiration, and a wistful feeling in my heart, I said goodbye to Italy once more. And although it may be awhile before we meet again, I'm so excited to be bringing a little European spirit and Italian charm back to Melbourne with me just in time for next season. Big things are coming and I can't wait to share them with you. ♡

Love and kisses,
Daniela xx

June 30, 2016 by Daniela Brunelli
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Alison Gibbs

Alison Gibbs said:

What a wonderful time you’ve had in Italy. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us


Maria said:

Your recounting of beautiful moments in Italy has left me excitedly breathless!! I cannot wait to see the results of your creativity, Daniela!

Leonie Durrington

Leonie Durrington said:

I too have had such emotional travels but it is so indescribable to me that I am truly blessed to have read such a wonderful description that should and will leave anyone who reads this beautiful diary, with an incredible feeling of wanting more.
Love & hugs my dear friend…Leonie ?


Angela said:

Excited to hear more when you come home about your trip and help me plan mine but super excited for the new influence in your range of clothing ❤️

Jenny Cade

Jenny Cade said:

What a wonderful story of your travels. I felt as if I was walking beside you visiting some of these places I went to with my darling Mike back in 2001. I may never get back to Italy but you have helped me remember the wonderful time we had


Nicky said:

Thank you so much for sharing your memories & the most special moments of your Italian journey. . . I’m so happy it was such a wonderful adventure, and that you have brilliant memories to take home with you. Looking forward to seeing all your ideas & dreams for the Range come to Life too!!!

Robyn Weitering

Robyn Weitering said:

Ohhh Thankyou so much for sharing these beautiful moments and enabling us to cruise with you through this awesome group… So looking forward to seeing your new creations at a later date. Ta for the adventure… Sending you and your Mambo lashings of blessings love peace and light ?

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