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Pyjamas Are The New Black

I'm skipping and jumping today! The soft winter sun has made a starring performance, brightening up the world all around me. Even better… I've been getting the chance to share the new Sea Gypsy collection—our prettiest ever—with my favourite gals. After months of sweating in back-alley warehouses filled to the brim with fabric, and scouring crowded Chinatown to find that particular lace trim, our newest comfy little gems are finally here.

This collection is not only about having something sweet and comfy to wear, it's also the fulfillment of a long time dream for me. Many years ago I worked in offices and shops where we had to wear stockings, tight suits and even tighter shoes. I always felt so uncomfortable putting on a fake face for the world, and the actual experience of going through my day like that was a nightmare. My clothes itched, pantyhose drove me nuts, synthetic materials gave me thrush, and I had constant blisters on my feet.

It was then that the dream came to me very very clearly… In the future, my life and my clothing was going to be as comfortable as possible. I dreamt that all of us would be able to go to work in our pyjamas. Since then my goal has been to live in surrounded by cosiness at all times, and to create clothing that is nurturing for the soul. I envisioned soft textures and hand-dyed non-toxic colours, all faded and washed many times until they are part of us. No fussing and paying top dollar for clothing that felt like a straight jacket.

I launched Sea Gypsy to make my dream come true, and to help women enjoy comfort and fun and play in their day-to-day lives. This season, more than ever, I’ve made sure to focus on bringing you lovely pieces that you’ll never want to take off. Our new pantaloons and bloomers are made for wearing out or for staying in, to be layered under dresses with slouchy tops that look cute as button but can be worn to bed too. I made sure we used only the prettiest of fabrics with the loveliest details. I fully believe there’s nothing more fun than to be out and about in such pretty things, adventuring your way through the world, but to be so comfortable at the same time.

Introducing the latest additions to the Sea Gypsy collection…. Can’t wait to hear what you think. Comment below and let me know which ones are your new favourite!


Spring Gypsy Flannie Bloomers

I proudly admit I created these soft flannelette pants as a very sneaky way of wearing my pyjamas out. I decided I looked so cute in PJ’s that I tried to figure out a way to blend my love of bloomers and all things old fashioned with the softness of brushed cotton that I cherish in my favourite nightwear.

I am loving wearing these under dresses like my pastel pink Prairie Gypsy Laura Dress or just with a shirt such as the Classic Gypsy Andrea shirt. I quite literally haven't taken them off in two weeks. When it's cold I wear them under things, or all by themselves in warmer weather. They’re ridiculously versatile and come in two different sizes.

These bloomers are similar to the Prairie Gypsy pants—loose and comfy pantaloons with a wide leg, accented by frills that are so flattering. Plus two deep side pockets for all your treasures and a little sweet low front pocket with an adorable frill too. Their elastic soft waist and flat front means they sit beautifully while keeping you extra comfy.

It took me so long to find the perfect flannelette cotton for these cute little bloomers. I was close to cutting up my old flannelette sheets for these, but luckily after months of searching this divine fabric appeared at the very back of a tiny store behind a market in Bangkok. The soft flannelette is not too thick, and it’s just barely brushed with the sweetest lilac and blue flowers. Well worth the effort and time it took to get it perfect!



Spring Gypsy Kitty Bloomers

These are named Kitty Bloomers because I really feel as sweet and adorable as a newborn kitten in these pantaloons. These are the same exact shape as the Spring Gypsy Flannie Bloomers but made of the finest loveliest printed cotton instead of flannelette.

I searched high and low for the prettiest softest cotton fabric in the loveliest florals and pastel colours. Sadly I was only able to find limited quantities of this divine fabric, so I wasn’t able to make as many pairs as I would have liked... but I just had to use these divine patterns when I got the chance.

They have deep side pockets and a cute frilled pocket low on the leg that's sweet as can be. The frills of course is what makes them so special. I wear them under dresses or with a shirt and they are ridiculously cute either way.

These come in the softest pink, mauve and aqua, and the flower pattern is so romantic and vintage. They are 100% natural cotton and are available in two sizes.



Spring Gypsy Knicker Bockers

So excited for these because they are our prettiest and most feminine pantaloons ever! The idea for these has been in my thoughts and dreams for a long time. I was inspired by Little House on the Prairie and Picnic at Hanging Rock, two of my childhood favourite books that always bring back feelings of olden-days nostalgia. Putting on these cute-as-a-button pantaloons make me feel like I am living in a romantic novel.

I designed the cut of these to feel like pyjamas but added two layers of ruffled lace to doll them up a bit… and I think it worked, because these look adorable. I absolutely love the way that the ribbons on these flutter in the breeze as I play outdoors. It turns out my obsession with ribbons and cotton eyelet lace just never seems to fade, no matter how old I get. Who says you can’t stay girly as you age?

To create these lovelies, I searched high and low for the most beautiful cotton and lace to make these and hand-picked a few different patterns. Sadly, I was only able to find limited fabric quantities, so we only a few in each size and pattern. Fortunately, with three (!!) different sizes there is something to fit everyone. And with an elastic soft waist and flat front they’re absolutely divine to wear. Not to mention the two deep side pockets and sweet layers of eyelet lace… I’ve gone gaga for these.


August 08, 2016 by Daniela Brunelli
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