Sea Gypsy is ready to roam

Sea Gypsy is ready to roam

Winter is here, the market season is winding down, and our little gypsy feet are itching to get back on the open road. Next week, Mambo (my partner in love, business and crime) and I are leaving for our yearly sourcing mission to the far-off lands where the gypsies still roam. 

The curse of a gypsy is that we are at home everywhere and nowhere. With life and business spread across continents, each trip is a homecoming and a sad goodbye. Heavy heartedly, we accept that we can't be every place at once, and choose to rejoice in the beauty of the present moment.

All the while, gears keep turning and the sands of time slip steadily away until another year has passed and it is time to leave our lovely little Melbourne home once more. Happily, we love what we do and revel in the task of finding special treasures for our beloved customers. We are so very excited to let you in on the beauties we encounter overseas. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to keep up with our travels, and to find information about when our new goodies will be available for purchase.

Hugs and love,

May 14, 2014 by Daniela Brunelli
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