What inspires Sea Gypsy?

What inspires Sea Gypsy?

From time to time, customers ask me where I got the inspiration to launch Sea Gypsy. Over the years I have met so many stunning women who have mesmerized me with their vivacious and enduringly free spirits. It is with these women in mind that I created Sea Gypsy, and they continue to guide and inspire our eclectic, ethereal product ranges.

I like the idea of women growing older and wiser and yet at the same time more and more comfortable in their skin. Aging doesn't mean we have to become dull and conservative and shrink like wilting flowers behind a sea of black or grey clothing. Let's celebrate our femininity and embrace comfort, so we can still be free and wild and continue to blossom at each stage of life.

Who says we can't look radiant and playful forever? My goal is to design and source clothing in glorious natural fibres that excites and delights, but also feels so lovely and comfortable that you'll never want to take it off.

Colours and embellishments are not just for little girls these days. Even the boldest of women deserves clothes that are flattering and whimsical, garments that bring out her playful side. A little bit of outrageousness doesn't hurt either! The joy of making people smile doesn't fade at any age. Beneath it all, we are still glorious girls, frolicking, fun, and full of energy and inspiration.

Blessings to all you gorgeous, inspiring goddesses who have helped to make Sea Gypsy what it is today.

Many hugs to you all,

May 18, 2014 by Daniela Brunelli
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