Daniela's Diary – Page 2 – Sea Gypsy

Welcome Back

We have been missing you!

The summer has been wonderful chasing dreams and living our gypsy existence under the sun...roaming the wee early hours in our wee little van to  sea side markets and joyful music festivals around the land.  Mambo and I hope you like the new website...a work in progress and every bit a labour of love so please forgive the hiccups and feel free to offer advice and let us know if something stuffs up :) Which it will :)

There is still more of this glorious summer left for us here in the Southern Hemisphere to enjoy and we are here to welcome the Spring in for our Northern Sisters too.

Mambo and I are so happy to finally show you what we have been up to with our Look Books....our Air Stream Dream Beach Holiday with Demi and Claryssa and the Ethereal Beach Picnic. Please don't forget to keep sending your Sea Gypsy pics too....we love them and you so much for sharing them and I get so inspired to see what you do with outfits. I'm loving seeing ladies come visit at the market that have so cleverly upcycled and changed their dresses by dyeing them or adding bits of lace or embroidery.

You know Sea Gypsy is so much more than a business to me. I grew up with no sisters and a big closet of clothes just for myself. With you I get to share my closet with Sea Gypsy Sisters from all over the world. It always astounds me how much we are all so very connected and alike in many ways. Beach loving, fun loving...dreamers, creators that no matter how hard life gets we still want to sing and skip and play in the sun and spread summer vibes to every corner of the planet.

Thanks for coming back and joining us on our sun chasing, beach tripping, picnic making, flower sniffing journey:)

Love Daniela and Mambo xxx



February 04, 2016 by Daniela Brunelli

Back in Oz

Finally home and I'm so happy to be back in Melbourne! We have made the most of the last few glorious Indian summer autumn days, including that divine full moon last night. We've taken so many pictures, including a photo shoot in the Dandenong, and are digging through treasures squealing with delight. 

I have the beginnings of next season's collection underway and have brought home some cooler weather goodies to keep my Aussie loves warm this winter. Crocheted backpacks and bags, big soft cotton crochet throws, funky knitwear, tie-dye overalls will make their appearance soon. We will be posting photos soon with a few little surprises, like giveaways and a competition and other fun stuff.

If anyone has a photo of themselves in Sea Gypsy clothing, I would so love if you would share it with us on our Facebook page. I get such a thrill to see the amazing ways you mix and match our pieces and make the items your own. Something I love about these clothes is that they can be put together with nearly anything in your closet, then thrown on your favorite chair and remade into a whole new outfit another day.

As you can tell I am beside myself these days. I'm feeling blessed and grateful to be alive and making the most of every sunrise, bird chirp, friend's voice, smile.... every moment! It is so wonderful to go away alone, though a little confronting at first. A month was just long enough to turn off and go inwards and let life settle enough to remember the good things, be inspired and return grateful.

Sending hugs your way,

May 04, 2015 by Daniela Brunelli


I can't believe how fast this month in Thailand has gone. I'll be back home, back in the arms of my sweetheart in no time. It has been busy but also relaxing and refreshing to be away on my own. You should see the state of my room! The freedom to sleep, wake, eat and most importantly SHOP when I want has been wonderful.

Of course I've missed Mambo but the space we get when one or the other is travelling helps to keep it all fresh and wonderful. I have so enjoyed flying around the back alleys of Chiang Mai on my bike, spending hours at the hilltribe markets and burying myself in piles of fabric to my hearts content.

We have so many suprises coming this season. I've felt so inspired and hope you'll love our new range. We're exciting about adding new colours to our Prairie and Earth Gypsy collections and some divine new tribal jewellery.

I am so looking forward to some winter months at home in my studio creating some great handmade goodies. I'm bringing to life a whole new tribal, linen, lace and hemp range of simple but exciting dresses, pinnies and pants. Off to catch the rickety train to Bangkok. Thank you all for always being there and part of my journey.

Hugs and love,

April 30, 2015 by Daniela Brunelli

Mambo's coming home

It's the Friday night before a big market weekend. We have some amazingly warm and sunny spring weather to start the season.

I am beside myself with joy as after the markets I am flying to Thailand to finally see my Mambo. So sorry about the constant ranting but it has been three months. It's been hard on my own but also a fantastic time to reconnect with myself. Our yearly breaks of a few months always prove to keep our relationship fresh and alive.

Now all I can think of is fruit shakes, massages and Mambo :)

I'll be posting on Facebook and Instagram so hope to see you there.

We will be home early November with the full summer range raring to go. I so can't wait to show you what we have be working on all winter.

Enjoy these glorious spring days and thank you all for your wonderful support and friendship.

Love and all things Gypsy to you,

October 17, 2014 by Daniela Brunelli

Itching to get the show on the road

Hey lovelies. It's been an exciting launch of our website and I just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who has been with us along the way. From old Facebook friends to newbies poking their heads in for a peek, you have been so great at giving us helpful feedback.

Thanks also for your patience with glitches we have encountered and tweaks we have made along the way. At our core, we are travelling market gypsies, so it's been a steep learning curve to establish a foothold in the digital world. What a journey we've had, and I'm so thrilled to be able to share the culmination of our hard work with you all.

October is finally here, the weather is improving, and our goodies for summer are arriving. I am beyond excited about the start of the summer market season. The van is ready, the curtains are washed, and we are itching to be on the road again. It's so lovely to return to our favourite markets and once more rejoin our fellow stallholders, who are all returning from trips of their own with stories to tell.

One more early spring adventure on the horizon this week: Demi, our muse and model, and I are heading down the coast on a two-day girls' trip to our beloved ocean. We are ignoring the reports of wild weather because we are fearless. I can't wait to show you the photos of what fun we get up to.

If you'd like to catch Sea Gypsy in person, we will be at St Andrew's Market the next two Saturdays (October 11 and October 18).

Hope to see you there,

October 12, 2014 by Daniela Brunelli

Time to spring forward

Here I am, home in Melbourne once again. Spring is just about to begin. The new season, new life, flowers and wafts of fresh cut grass--this is the best time in Melbourne. Well, at least till summer arrives. I've been working like mad to get the website up and am sorry I've been a bit slack on our Facebook page as a result.

Mambo is still overseas and that can be hard at times. But I am also excited for the year to come and happy to be sorting through the exciting new spring collection. This website has been a long time in the making, and now that it's here I am thrilled to have such a stunning range of items to share with you all. Amidst everything, I am busy planning photo shoots and applying for markets and festivals so that you can all see what we've been cooking up this winter.

The next chapter is going to be a lot of fun, but I also want to thank those of you who have been supporting Sea Gypsy on Facebook over the last few years. You have become friends as well as customers and I appreciate the colour your beautiful souls bring to our world.

A return to the simple life is in order, which for me means packing the van for St Andrews Market on Saturday mornings. I still get so excited at 4:30 am when the alarm sounds and it's time to pack the picnic basket, grab a thermos and head out into dawn to a heavenly little bush market. 

Delighted to finally have a website where we can share our goodies even if you can't make it to visit us at a market or festival. 

Love to all of you,

September 04, 2014 by Daniela Brunelli

What inspires Sea Gypsy?

From time to time, customers ask me where I got the inspiration to launch Sea Gypsy. Over the years I have met so many stunning women who have mesmerized me with their vivacious and enduringly free spirits. It is with these women in mind that I created Sea Gypsy, and they continue to guide and inspire our eclectic, ethereal product ranges.

I like the idea of women growing older and wiser and yet at the same time more and more comfortable in their skin. Aging doesn't mean we have to become dull and conservative and shrink like wilting flowers behind a sea of black or grey clothing. Let's celebrate our femininity and embrace comfort, so we can still be free and wild and continue to blossom at each stage of life.

Who says we can't look radiant and playful forever? My goal is to design and source clothing in glorious natural fibres that excites and delights, but also feels so lovely and comfortable that you'll never want to take it off.

Colours and embellishments are not just for little girls these days. Even the boldest of women deserves clothes that are flattering and whimsical, garments that bring out her playful side. A little bit of outrageousness doesn't hurt either! The joy of making people smile doesn't fade at any age. Beneath it all, we are still glorious girls, frolicking, fun, and full of energy and inspiration.

Blessings to all you gorgeous, inspiring goddesses who have helped to make Sea Gypsy what it is today.

Many hugs to you all,

May 18, 2014 by Daniela Brunelli

Sea Gypsy is ready to roam

Winter is here, the market season is winding down, and our little gypsy feet are itching to get back on the open road. Next week, Mambo (my partner in love, business and crime) and I are leaving for our yearly sourcing mission to the far-off lands where the gypsies still roam. 

The curse of a gypsy is that we are at home everywhere and nowhere. With life and business spread across continents, each trip is a homecoming and a sad goodbye. Heavy heartedly, we accept that we can't be every place at once, and choose to rejoice in the beauty of the present moment.

All the while, gears keep turning and the sands of time slip steadily away until another year has passed and it is time to leave our lovely little Melbourne home once more. Happily, we love what we do and revel in the task of finding special treasures for our beloved customers. We are so very excited to let you in on the beauties we encounter overseas. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to keep up with our travels, and to find information about when our new goodies will be available for purchase.

Hugs and love,

May 14, 2014 by Daniela Brunelli